Angry? You should be.

When I wrote the following for posting on the ETA Facebook page I was angry. Since then a grave tragedy has occurred in a kindergarten classroom in Connecticut. Many public employees will be remembered and acknowledged to have acted bravely, heroically, and selflessly. There will be a great outpouring of support for all affected. At the same time efforts will ramp up to fight the labor rights of public employees in Illinois and elsewhere. Don’t be swayed by false sympathies. Get angry. Get active.

From yesterday’s Facebook post…

Not angry enough at state legislators? Carve out a couple minutes of your time and watch this propaganda piece paid for with your tax dollars. The governor pits your pension and the pension of every other public employee that has made each and every one of their pension payments against children.

They didn’t bother to ask the kids this simple question, “If you go to the store and break something, who has to pay for it?”  That’s because the legislators broke it and now they don’t want to have to pay for it.

As for the comparisons to funding of other important programs, we agree that the state does not spend enough on early childhood education, social services, and care for its citizens.

In short, fund the pension system to pay for pensions and fund the programs to pay for the programs. We support those ideals and please stop using children as a weapon of pension destruction. Please.

Get on the bus to Springfield, January 3, 2013 and tell them your ideas in person.

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