Candidates respond to ETA Questions

Five Candidates from three different races attended the joint forum presented by the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC), Elgin Teacher Association (ETA), League of Woman Voters (LWV) School district U-46 (SDU46) and moderated by the Political Editor of the Daily Herald, Kerry Lester.  This is the second time this year these organizations have presented such a forum.

Candidates Senator Michael Noland(D) and Gary Collins(R)  from the 22nd Senate District, Representative Fred Crespo(D) and Ramiro Juarez(R)  from the 44th  Representative District  and Tom Cullerton(D) from the 23rd Senate District, spent slightly more than an hour answering  a wide range of educational questions selected by  moderator Kerry Lester.

It is more important than ever to understand where these candidates stand on such important educational issues such as pensions, student growth models, educational funding and taxes. Tom Cullerton (D) put forth his bipartisan agenda unchallenged as Carole Pankau(R) declined the repeated invitations to attend. Ramiro Juarez(R), a 5 year SDU-46 teacher, repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of the teacher unions. Gary Collins(R) continually beat the drum for lower taxes and smaller government.  Senator Noland (D) insisted that there will be Pension Reform and it will happen in January.  Representative Fred Crespo(D) reiterated his dedication to fair educational funding.

Four of the five candidates agreed NO action should be taken on Pensions during the lame duck session. Juarez (R) stated that we have wasted enough time and action should be taken immediately, also mentioning he was a young teacher who had time to figure out his retirement on his own.

Here are two video clips from the forum.


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