PAR Panel Stage 1 Continues

The PAR Panel met on Friday September 21st and will meet again on October 15th and 16th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. The panel will continue mentor training with four sessions scheduled in October. In addition, some members of the panel will attend NEA Foundation meetings in Washington DC.

The Panel established a mid-year review and end of year review to serve as support to the participating teacher (PT) and peer consultant teacher (PCT). The mid-year review will be in December which will include the PCT (Peer Consulting Teacher) presenting the case history of the work with each PT.

The Panel began a discussion on the use of student surveys and the use of the collected data to inform teachers on their practice. Information about U-46 teachers currently using student surveys was shared along with a brief overview of the Tripod Project, founded a decade ago by Dr. Ronald Ferguson of Harvard University. The Tripod Project has surveys that provide reliable, detailed and validated insights on teaching and learning in classrooms. The Panel will continue the discussion.

The Panel refined the procedure of the Joint Observation cycle, through input from the Teacher Appraisal Plan (TAP) Oversight committee, specifically the role of the program supervisor in the joint observation cycle. As you recall Stage One implementation of PAR targeted teachers in years 3 and 4 and 2nd year ENT (Experienced New Teachers). For Stage One, the joint observation must occur with the administrator who will assign the PT’s summative rating to the collected evidence. Any PT may request a second joint observation cycle with the program administrator and PCT

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