Every Vote Matters

With the Presidential debates this week, voters will be making decisions that will impact everyone. The NEA and the IEA have been working for months to help educate members on the issues and the candidates. The candidates and issues we support will lead to improved education for all students and keep our public schools on the path to meet the needs of the next generation. We are not affiliated with anyone party. We look at both sides to see who really believes in public education and wants to include the voice of the professional teacher in helping change our schools for the future.We look at the long term impact of things like constitutional amendments, not just the rhetoric promising quick solutions.

The votes of you, your family, your friends is critical for continuing to support public education. With the availability of early voting, recommended candidates, and the real facts on the proposed constitutional amendment, there is no excuse. Every ETA member must vote. Every ETA member should be using every opportunity they have to encourage all to vote. Please take the time to really know and understand what is at stake.



Early voting Cook

Early voting McHenry

Early voting DuPage

Early voting Kane


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