With the implementation of PERA in U46 this year, additional credentialing became a requirement for anybody performing observations and appraisals of teachers. The training of the administrators statewide took place over the summer months with a series of online trainings and assessments. Some administrators are still in the process of working towards their credentials.

The ISBE has provided an online portal to teachers, administrators, and the public to view the credentials of anybody holding a teaching or administrative certificate in Illinois. You are encouraged to check your own credentials to confirm their accuracy as this information is integral in decisions regarding qualification of placement into certain positions.

Additionally, the ETA has been monitoring the acquisition of the evaluator endorsement by U46 administrative staff. It is imperative that administrators who perform evaluations under the Teacher Appraisal Plan (TAP) are properly certified. The language of TAP requires that the initial observations be performed by the same administrator as the summative conference. Therefore no administrator that hasn’t acquired the proper credentials can begin any teacher appraisals. Please note that there may be some lag time between the administrator passing the relevant modules and the posting of the credentials online.

To confirm your credentials just visit the ECS portal. If you’re looking to confirm the status of your administrator’s progress on the required PERA training, just follow the same link and look at the bottom of their report under ‘Designations’.


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