Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Update

On August 24th, the PAR Panel reviewed the Needs Assessments from teachers in years three, four or an experienced new teacher in year two who self-nominated for the PAR Program. Following the review, two teachers were invited to work with the peer consultant teacher in the 2012-2013, Stage One implementation of PAR.

September 7th, the PAR Panel held another meeting with our NEA Foundation coach.

Prior to the meeting, the PAR Panel hosted an informational meeting for administrators who are supervising teachers matched with the peer consultant teacher. The meeting included details of the roles and responsibilities for the administrator, the peer consultant teacher and the participating teacher. Approximately six administrators were unable

to attend. Each administrator will be contacted by a panel member to follow up with the information. Dr. Torres was in attendance for the meeting, providing his perspective on PAR and its importance in developing effective teachers for students.

The PAR Panel has been matched with a critical friend from the Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) by the NEA Foundation. The purpose of a critical friend is for the PAR Panel members and peer consultant teacher to have an person/people from an established PAR program available to share their experiences and listen to our current status.

Submitted by Maryellyn Friel, PAR Panel Co-Chair

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