Committees that count…

Some but not all committees are listed. Are all other committees excluded?

The one faculty meeting is included. School/Department was excluded because it often is more about procedures, not specific students and their learning. Service Team is often a parent meeting, reporting out rather than a conversation exploring teaching and learning. District Committees are usually not specifically related to your site students and their needs, so it would more likely fall into the category of Professional Development, not collaborative conversation. This is also true of full in-service days.



  1. All that being said, depending upon the agenda, some or all of the meeting time could be agreed upon by the teachers present to ‘count’ for the 240 minutes. If so then you would need to record the time on your log sheet.

  2. Doreen Roberts says

    I’m curious about how non-traditional classroom teachers are determining their collaborative time. I participated in a discussion today about the topic. We decided to schedule 3 types of meetings each month that could be part of our collaborative time: 1) discussions about books, articles, etc. that focus on teaching, learning, and practice, 2) professional practice teams-reflecting on case studies of our work 3) department meetings. What are others considering?

    • I think it may also help to think about the how to broaden choice. We agreed that electroinic communication can work as well. Video conferencing with colleagues doing similar work and comparing strategies for improving adult learning is another possibility.

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