Volunteers accepted for PAR

The Peer Assistance and Reveiw panel continues to structure the 1st stage of our new program. Maryellyn Friel will continue to update us on their progress.

The Peer Assistance & Review (PAR) Panel met August 2 at the ETAoffice. Eight teachers in years3/4 or 2nd year Experienced New Teacher (ENT) have opted to participate in thePAR stage 1 program for fall 2012. A PAR information flyer went out viaemail to all 2nd year ENTs, 3rd and 4th year teachers on August 6th as part ofthe to self nominating process. Teacherswho received this email have until August 17th to let Andrea Erickson know theyhave an interest in participating in PAR. If a teacher wants toparticipate they will complete a Needs Assessment and return to Andrea byAugust 24th. All the Needs Assessments forms will be reviewed by the PARPanel on August 24th and a decision will be made.

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