February update

ETA Insurance Reps: Ken Kubycheck, Kellie Sikora, Katie Stan, Renee Zabel, Kathryn Castle

On February 16th the District Health Insurance Committee met. We discussed how the Federal changes to healthcare will impact us and how we will need to start preparing for those changes.  Representatives from United Health Care gave us a summary of the first quarter experience and an overview of some of the additional benefits that will soon be available to us.  This includes an App for the smart phone, which will have several uses (discounts), EAP benefits, and positive changes to myuhc.com. More information will become available about these soon.  The committee believes the following benefits are being under used:  EAP, EyeMed, and Wellness, Inc.  A summary of the results from last fall’s wellness events was given and the participation was down. We think some of this was due to the dates being later in the season.  So, since this also includes flu shots, we are looking at making this available earlier this year.  The subcommittee for Communications met afterward and is working on creating effective ways to communicate with members.



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