Insurance Quarterly Meeting

Insurance Quarterly meeting November 10th

Present were Katie Stan, Ken Kubycheck, Renee Zabel, Kathryn Castle, Joyce Houston, and Jack Janezic

UHC presented the quarterly usage statistics which will continue to be compared to the previous quarters. There were no new trends noted at this time. We do want to share some facts as we do our work. For example, even though we continue to work to contain costs, the current premium cost of the Family Coverage of plan C is over $22,000.00 per year divided between you and the district.

As of the meeting date, there were still 24% of all employees that had not enrolled. The ETA representatives felt through anecdotal reporting that this may be due to the many competing responsibilities needing their attention.

We will be sending out the satisfaction survey after the holidays. It is used to gather information about member experiences and to help inform. The committee is still surprised to hear that members do not know they have vision coverage or 8 free sessions through the EAP, Employee Assistance Program.

If you need to learn more about what is available, or to check your own personal information, please go to the United Health Care website for members. It is a valuable resource and will become the best source to get information on our busy schedules.

We hope to continue to update you quarterly as we study the changes in health care that will shape our work.

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