TURN of events

From Doreen Roberts attending National TURN October 2011

I have just spent the past 2 days at National TURN (Teacher Union Reform Network).   Locals that participate in TURN are committed to union reform and innovation, teacher quality and teachers’ work, school quality and structural change, systematic reform, and non-school issues that impact students’ readiness to learn.  Topics of the conference included Research on Teacher Effectiveness by WestEd’s Ken Funternick, reports on what has been happening in the regional TURN networks, an opportunity to watch the documentary American Teacher, Peer Review and Teacher Quality and insightful commentary and news out of the US Department of Education by Jo Anderson.   The highlight of the conference was listening to other locals share their stories about challenges and successes in their individual districts (and Jack’s presentation about how the ETA has benefitted from participating in Great Lakes TURN).

As we do our work day in and day out, it is difficult to take a step back and see all the progressive work the ETA is accomplishing.  We, the ETA, are fortunate to have an organization that has continuously worked to put initiatives in place that keeps us ahead of the curve in the transformational field of education.  It is hard to capture the specific pieces that keep us ahead, because they are so intertwined.  The use of the Danielson Framework as a basis for the language of teaching in U46 is a large portion.  The Framework is a common thread through our innovative initiatives based on teacher quality and teacher work.  The learning, conversation, and implementation has been in the works for almost a decade.  Change and transformation may not be immediate, and we need to keep up the progressive work as we continue to define our profession in our state and U46.

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