Health Insurance Update

The District Insurance Committee, comprised of over 20 members representing all U46 employee groups, meets at least quarterly to monitor the health insurance plan. Our latest meeting’s agenda, on Sept. 8th,  included a UHC plan performance report, a review of the actuary prepared 2012 premiums, and a discussion of communication strategies to help inform our members.

Coming soon

The open enrollment period for the plan is fast approaching so please be on the lookout for directions on steps you must to take to select which plan you will enroll in for the coming year. Please remember the insurance plan year starts on January 1st. This year, unlike some previous open enrollment periods, all members will have to actively select the plan of their choice for 2012. Additional detailed information will be forthcoming from the District HR department.

For those that have been with the District in prior years you’ll recall that there were three plans to choose from – the traditional PPO, a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), and an EPO. As the rates for the EPO began to eclipse those of the PPO the EPO option was eliminated just this last year. We are excited to announce that the District will be offering a third option again starting in 2012 with details to be shared very soon. Active participation in wellness related medical choices should have both long and short term benefits for members in our plan. We believe this third option will align well with the current needs and behaviors of our members.

As a Committee we have been strong advocates for participant engagement and ownership of their health insurance benefit. Being informed is not only the best way to access your plan but more importantly it is the best way to help ensure your well being.

Looking forward

The federal Affordable Care Act of 2010 expanded coverage to millions of uninsured and under-insured. The Act also created many new rules and regulations requiring the Committee to actively manage your plan to ensure compliance and long term viability. We are committed to providing a plan that meets the essential needs of our members and represents the best use of District resources while providing a fiscally responsible plan. If you personally want more information on the Act then click here.