President’s Posts

NEA Delegate and ETA Election Nomination 1-16-19

The nomination window for NEA Delegates and ETA Board positions is now open.  You can nominate members at the link below. Nominate Members Here Some notes about the nomination and election; Elections for ETA Officers, ETA Section Directors, Instructional Council, Special Education, and NEA Delegates will be held on Tuesday, March 5, … Read More...

National Board Certification: Value for Teachers


Grass Roots Political Action Letter to Members

Our Grass Roots Political Action Team and ETA Leadership have written a letter to members encouraging them to vote in the upcoming election.  If you have questions about what Grass Roots Political Action does, please feel free to contact Jen Bury at or Jeff Horler at  GPA Letter to ETA Members



Legislative News

IEA pushes legislation to repeal 3 percent limitation to help with teacher shortage

Press Release from Illinois Education Association SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Education Association initiated a bill to repeal the 3 percent salary limit law that shifts the state’s cost of paying for an educator’s pensionable earnings to local school districts and institutions of higher education and local property tax payers. The bill, which was introduced in the […]